Get Your Hot Cup Of Lovin’ Right Here

     I remember years ago when my husband got home from work.  My son, his step son, yelled to everyone in the house, “Jon’s home, it’s time for some lovin'”.  We were and still are excited when Jon gets home from work.  This year I’ve been asking myself, what’s going to show up at my door?  Can my life actually get better?  Can I hold a space for the idea that it might?

A barista at a local coffee shop poured this espresso macchiato for me awhile back.  I just love the heart.  It was a delicious reminder that there are always small surprises in store in every day life.  This heart in a cup came to me on a day when I wasn’t having such a good morning.

I had an unhappy exchange with someone over a big ticket item I sold on Craig’s list.  We had a pretty big disagreement.  But somewhere along the way, I offered him some money back and an apology. Then I called him back for sending a  (yes, I admit) snarky note with the check I’d sent.  I even offered to send some more money.  He told me the apology was enough.  Wow, really?  It can be this easy?  Even though I’m pretty sure he wasn’t completely right, I was also equally sure I wasn’t either .  When things had escalated I asked my angels for help.  They practically yelled, “Call him now” one morning at 8 a.m.  He wasn’t pleased to hear from me that early.  But guess what? He could talk then and  we worked it out.  Then I didn’t have to worry it about it any more.  It worked out simply and easily.  Which really didn’t line up with my doomology about the whole thing.

What’s a doomology?  It’s the ego’s scenario about how awful things will actually turn out given a certain set of circumstances.  Upon the advice of some of my spiritual advisers, I’ve taken to writing down what I think an outcome will be and then how it actually turns out in my life.  My doomology usually resembles the barren wasteland of  the future in all of The Terminator movies. However, the actual results often resemble some happy scene from a Disney movie.  You know the ones I’m talking about, birds chirping, flowers blooming. princesses getting kissed my Mr. Right.

I need to record my doomology right along side my miraculous outcomes to remind myself that dreams actually do come true, that wrongs can be righted, and that you can have big embarrassing feelings that lead to loud outbursts and still have things come to a loving conclusion.

This year I won’t tell you my expectations have completely changed.  But my ability to ask for help from friends, advisers, my family and my angels has increased.  I now remember to pray about it, visualize a good outcome, or blow off steam first, before dealing with a conflict or problem.  Do I still lose my temper?  Hell, yes! But even then, I know to apologize.

Here’s to a cup of Joe, a cuppa I-don’t- know, a cuppa go-with- the- flow.  Next time life serves up something, no matter what the circumstances look like, it just might be possible you get served a hot cup of lovin’.