Clear, Pray, Ground

Hematite and obsidian

Time to ground! Get your feet on the ground. Get your soul in your body. Then you can keep your head in the stars.
Taking the intuitive journey truly demands discipline and good information. Sometimes the psychic journey takes people on a ride, seemingly without their consent. Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client who had done everything she could to ground and clear herself. She put stones in her pockets, saged her home constantly, and even did clearing with sounds using bells. But still, she felt out of it and experienced hauntings. She heard from and felt spirits who were not nice.
Typically, I will grab the hands of someone who feels floaty and out of it and immediately their soul will come back inside their body. It’s completely remarkable to watch this happen. You can actually see their spirit or soul re-enter their body. The client immediately has a physical reaction, ranging from chills, to a slight headache, to suddenly feeling very emotional.
One distinct cause for being out of body can be an addiction. I hate to say this, but often I find some of the people most well-acquainted with spiritual principles and psychic terms, often have some of the biggest addiction problems. If someone drinks too much alcohol, too frequently, it’s highly possible that they are losing conscious contact with their higher power, inner knowing, and psychic defenses.
Literature from the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association says, “Alcohol can attract undesirable elements from the denser astral planes”.
If the body is the antennae and the soul is the receiver, then it is extremely important that all parts be sober.
Prescription sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication can interfere with soul-to-body knowing and soul-to-soul knowing, as can alcohol, and marijuana. Of course most medication is taken under doctor’s orders. But, if someone constantly feels out of it or disconnected or even somewhat haunted, they may want to revisit their prescriptions or alcohol and drug intake.
As a sober psychic, I often caution my clients that I cannot do readings for them if they are under the influence. It can often draw unwanted entities or can drop a fog over the reading. Sometimes I’ll do readings for acquaintances at parties. I won’t do it late in the evening if alcohol is being served to them, because I want a reading that has clarity. Plus, if you find as a psychic, that you are straining, it’s OK to trust your feeling that there is a fog. My mentor Echo Bodine taught me never to try too hard to get psychic information, because it can be mentally and emotionally stressful on the channel (the psychic). There are many reasons you might not be able to get the information, including the client is in a drug or alcohol haze.
Another reason for being out of body, is that a soul is practicing avoidance. Being in our body, means being human. Our bodies are fine-tuned to know and sense and feel. But it can also be incredibly uncomfortable. Another one of my clients was floating above her body. She didn’t like having her feelings or her sensitivity to other people’s feelings. She complained that she couldn’t do anything that helped her feel grounded. She also felt haunted. The truth was, she wasn’t home. Where do transients like to live? Vacant houses. If your body is vacant…nobody’s home. Because we live in a world where unseen forces live as well, sometimes they’re looking for a place to stay. In the case of this client, her body was being visited by unseen forces. She couldn’t clear her bedroom, because that’s not what was haunted. She was.
If this sounds unnerving, it is. But it can also be a welcome wake-up call. Living outside one’s body is not living in your natural state. Of course, just because a client or a friend is not grounded, it does not mean they are haunted or possessed. But if someone experiences the persistent feeling that they are not all there, chances are they need to be cleared and grounded. It’s about being awake and focused in your daily life. The simpler symptoms and consequences of living life outside your body, is that one can become spaced out, uncomfortable, confused, and generally dissatisfied with connections to people and situations in life. If you or someone you know constantly has some of those symptoms and you/they are sober, then there are simple solutions.
Grounding stones/ crystals can pull your soul into your body and soothe you. Hematite will pull you back to earth and so does obsidian. Actually, just working with any rock helps. Sitting on rocks, carrying stones in your pockets, or sitting on the ground outside will do the trick.
If someone you know is abusing drugs or alcohol there are options. You can suggest Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or rehab. AA and NA are free and usually only a phone call away. And if the person is insured, often rehab/ in patient treatment is covered. But, just because all of that is available, doesn’t mean the client will spring to action. Obviously, as an intuitive counselor it is only our job to pass along information from divine, it’s not our job to make anyone get help. Also, if you are an intuitive who struggles with drug and/or alcohol intake, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from your angels, family and friends. I was told that the oldest souls often have the biggest trouble getting sober, because they are sick and tired of making all the rounds on planet earth. But ultimately, going at life clean and sober, makes you a clear channel for divine communication and it really does attract the same. By the grace of God, one of the clients I told you about above sought help for her addictions after our session and has now been off pills and alcohol for six months.
Addictions aside, if you are super sensitive and very psychic it means you are probably spending time connecting in the ethers. Your focus is other-worldly, which makes you a prime candidate for not being all here. If you spend time in heavy meditation or spiritual communication, it’s always a good plan to ground after. Ask your guides to help keep you in your body and on terra firma. We came here as spirits to experience the whole human existence. Our bodies are spiritual tools and gifts for walking in this world.
Also, when receiving or giving a psychic reading or healings, clear yourself before and after with incense, sage, sound, or a sea salt bath. If your a psychic spouse, parent, or pet owner, it’s also important to clear your loved ones after you do a reading.
Lastly, prayer does a world of wonder for one’s state of mind, grounding, psychic protection, and general well-being. One of my favorites is simple and it rhymes, so I can remember it easily. Sometimes I go outside and say it and draw a circle around myself. But it works to just say it to yourself without any physical ceremony.
Circle of light
Burning bright
Let it be
Blessed be
I often imagine a circle of fire around me, not only protecting me, but also burning off what is no longer a fit for my highest good.
So there’s the book Eat, Pray, Love. This blog is…Clear, Pray, Ground.
Because an ounce of possession prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Blessings, Lorraine