A Psychic Housewife’s New Year’s Eve Visit: A Short Story


  Image Paula’s head was pounding.  Every time a full moon or new moon neared on the calendar her migraine began to build crashing into her cranium, leaving nothing but a black squeeze on her brain.  Thank goodness Christmas was behind her. It had, however, been delicious.  It was so lovely in fact, that it was an embarrassment of emotional riches.  The kids, who had lately been giving her a run for her money, had settled down into the swing of Christmas.  They’d asked for simple items this year, a baby doll, a b-b-gun, and an art set.  Her three kids were growing up quickly

.  The youngest was a handful, but she was also spirited and intuitive. Her only son and middle child was quickly leaving kiddie things behind, moving into pop music and target practice.  Her teenage daughter was deeply into her friends and posting her paintings onto the popular website, Deviant Art.   The holiday had been magical really, with all of them appreciating the rare family time together without a schedule.

  Paula’s adorable husband was off work this week.  It was a Godsend.  He was taking the kids to the park today and later to see the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

  Paula had already seen it with a friend.  There were strange coincidences in the movie…art imitating her life.  There were skateboards, travel journals, and even actress Shirley  Maclaine.  Paula’s own kids had all recently taken up skateboarding. Paula had just found her travel journal from her trip abroad while in college.   She had written in the journal some twenty years ago about reading the book Out on A Limb, by Shirley Maclaine while in Europe.  She was three for three with coincidences occurring in the movie.   For better or worse Paula believed in the power of spirit messages and that coincidences were actually carefully connected miracles or signs.  She was certain she was meant to see the movie that focused on the idea of taking risks. 

     Years ago her granny had told her the family had a gift for prophesy and seeing beyond the physical world.

    “Oh, no,” she said to her granny, “I just don’t want to be some weirdo.” Paula must have been around 14-years-old when the news flash came to her that she was from a long line of psychics.  As a young girl she’d had many experiences of seeing extra people in the room or swearing she’d seen a cat that died years ago.  Her parents weren’t mean about it, but they certainly didn’t encourage it either.  Over the following years, her ability to see a dead cat in the room faded.  But the granny revelation sparked something.  She began to read books, attend spiritual development classes, and actually do readings.  For the following  three decades (during her twenties, thirties, and forties) she was back in action, seeing ghosts, telling peoples’ futures, and giving readings to friends and family.  Paula wanted to be skilled at giving readings and she wanted to connect with her angels in the most intense way.  She had done that, but as marriage and baby carriages came along, the spiritual connection time decreas


ed.  She still just intuitively knew things.  Her meditation time was erratic but her babies would constantly bat at the air around them and when they each began to talk, they all talked of angels and fairies.

  Today she wasn’t exactly always psychic, she was a lot psychic.  Paula would know when to go to the mall and find a deal and she would know when it was time to pick up the phone to support a friend or family members. They constantly remarked how amazing her timing was.  But tonight, she wanted to pitch her highly sensitive nature out the window.  It irked her that she just couldn’t phase into a new moon or full moon phase without the stinking headache.

   She heard her husband’s car leaving the driveway.  He was off with the kids, she had at least four hours to herself.  First order of business, was to head upstairs to bed, with closed shades.  Paula headed for the stairs, passing the living room.  She jumped. There was a man sitting on the couch.  She might have thought to run to the kitchen for the phone and butcher knife. But the pain in her head made her unable to respond accordingly. Something was, well, er, off here. She should have been shocked, but the feeling she got from the man on the couch didn’t feel dangerous. It felt ethereal. Paula backed up to where she could see the stranger’s face.  Yes, there was definitely a man on her couch.  If she had to describe it, she’d say he looked like a painting of Jesus. Well, he sort of looked like that.  His face did. He had a trimmed beard, startling blue eyes, and a kindly mouth that was curved into a slight smile.  But the similarities to the Jesus paintings she’d seen stopped there, because he was wearing a rainbow colored motorcycle jacket.  It was white with huge splashes of color. Ok, this was crazy, but she had to ask.

“Are you Jesus?” she said out loud.

Her cat, Mufon, was looking at her from the sofa.  He seemed calm and was wandering  over to lay  on the stranger’s lap.

The man looked at her.  Well, she had to say, he was hot.  I mean this guy was hell of sexy.   He seemed so self-contained and incredibly kind.   It made her wonder, in his day, did Jesus drive the ladies wild?  You sure didn’t read about THAT in the Bible. But if this guy had energy similar to what Jesus had, hot damn!  He was laughing now.  OMG, was he reading her thoughts? 

   “No, my name is El Morya,” he answered with his blue eyes twinkling and his deep voice penetrating her thoughts.

    Paula had to breathe through the pain in her brain.   She definitely knew the name and the face though.  She had about several hundred books on the shelf about all things new age.  El Morya featured prominently in many of her books, especially those about Mt. Shasta (a 14,000 foot mountain in Northern California) and the ascended masters.  She was thinking now of the book Telos by Aurelia Louise Jones.  Also she had a book on her shelf Morya I, by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

  “Wait a minute, I’ve got this,” she said standing in the living room staring at the man on the couch.  “Weren’t you Madame Blavatsky’s go to guy?”

  “Yes, exactly,” he replied. 

  Paula had the faint notion that she was either having a giant hallucination or she was actually talking to an ascended master in her living room.  Either way she needed to get to bed.

  “Look, I hate to be rude, but I’ve got a horrifying headache and I can’t entertain, perhaps we could have this chat another time?” she said waving him to the door.

   He didn’t seem to get the hint.  He just sat there, with her cat fully entrenched on his lap.

   “I can help you with that.  Why don’t you sit down next to me,” he said patting the couch cushion next to him.

  Thinking was getting really hard.  The guy obviously wasn’t getting up to go.  If he was who he said he was, he had pretty hefty credentials.  So,  Paula begrudgingly moved toward the couch. 

   The Jesus knock-off raised his hand and waived it in front of her forehead.  Then he gently placed one hand on her forehead and the other behind her neck.  Paula’s cat, Mufon, simultaneously placed his paw on Paula’s leg.  The entire event caused a warmth to flow through her body. 

    “Imagine putting the pain in a measuring cup,” El Morya said to her.

   “See what it looks like, how much is in the cup, what the texture is.  Once you know, then visualize pouring out the cup into a river, and watching it be taken away,” he said.

    As she did this, the pain seemed to vanish.  She felt it replaced with the warmth moving through her body. He gently removed his hands from her head and the cat pulled back his paw.  Did the damn cat just give me a Reiki treatment?  Perhaps.  Did the phantom man on the couch just clear my migrane?  Absolutely.

   Well, this was turning out to be quite the post-holiday afternoon.

    “So, why am I getting these migraines?” she asked.  “And why am I so cranky?” she added.

  “As I’m sure you have read, this is the supermoon, when the moon is unusually close to earth.  In addition it’s a New Moon on New Year’s Day, which means, clean slate and a big portal.  The energy between the two realms is coming and going.  There’s a lot of energy and information coming at you quickly.  Your mind feels at some level it can’t handle it, so it blocks.  And ouch!  Pain!” he said looking at her with compassion.

   “Plus, when there are big changes and a portal, our subconscious resists, and then we get cranky! The good news is that usually there’s a miracle on the other side of the agitation,” he said.

   “When energy gets stuck there are a few ways to move it… exercise, sex, being in nature, and getting really good sleep that isn’t altered by any kind of sleeping drug.  The guides do their best work when you’re asleep, “ El Morya added.

“This isn’t a pick up line, I hope” she said looking him dead in the eye, “Because the only sex I’m having will be with my husband.”

  “No, Ma’am,” he replied, “I’m just here to get you the facts as fast as I can.”

  She laughed at that. Then she touched his arm to make sure he was real, and not just a figment of her imagination.  Paula could feel his muscular arms through the leather of his jacket.  HOLY BUCKETS!

  “How did you get here, if you don’t mind my asking?” she said.

   “My motorcycle, of course,” he said, smiling a self-contented smile. 

  Motorcycle?  Ok, then, she thought.

   “But why me, why now?” she asked.

   “Because a friend in need is a friend indeed.  And we’ve been friends for awhile,” he said.

   “I’m the one who got you out of that snow storm when you were driving through the mountain pass last winter,” El Morya told her.

  Paula shuddered as she recalled that harrowing drive with the kids in the car.  She had been caught in a blizzard, a white out.  Drivers on the pass were panicking and there were several accidents.  She couldn’t see a thing, but a voice kept telling her to roll forward slowly and directed her. Before she knew it, she had reached the exit to her mountain cabin.  It was one of those times she felt she’d been helped by an angel.

   “Thank you,” she said, “thank you so very much”.   She was tearing up at the thought of all the help she’d received not just during that drive, but many other times during her life.

   “You are entirely welcome.  Now, let me get to the point.  You my dear, are holding back a bit, are you not?’ he said inquisitively.

   “How so?” she asked.

   “Well, aren’t you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clair-amazing?” he asked.

  “I guess, but I haven’t felt clair-amazing lately, just more clair-tired,” she replied.

   “Aren’t you a member of that group Psychic Housewives? “ he asked.

   “Yes, I joined thinking I needed more support, plus I wanted to see if I could help others who see and hear unusual things,” she replied.

   “Well, haven’t several member of the group been to Mt. Shasta recently?” he inquired.

   “Yes, yes they have,” she said. She was remembering that someone had done a group blessing on the mountain for all of them.

  “Well, Mt. Shasta is my favorite place. There’s a series of tunnels leading to an area inside the earth we call the hollow earth.  It’s full of crystals, comforting energy, and many of my ascended master friends,” he said.

  “In fact,” he said, “You can visit any time during meditation and visit underneath the peak. “

   “That Mt. Shasta blessing pulled my energy into the group and into the new moon portal, so I’d say you are powering up, my dear, ” he said.

   “Well, I feel out of sorts, so I can believe that, so what’s the point?” she asked, cutting to the chase.

   “This is the Chinese year of the Green Horse.  Green is all about the heart chakra and horse is about following your instincts and running with a herd. Your herd can be family, friends, and your psychic housewives.  You are stepping fully into your leadership role but you in turn follow spirit and intuition. You live from your heart.   This is the year you make amazing decisions based on your body’s wisdom, just like a horse does,” El Morya said. He was smiling brightly at the notion.

  “This year, your angels’ energy and suggestions won’t  just go through your brain as information, it is all going into your body and flowing from your heart.  It’s a beautiful integration.  But, that being said, it can and does get sloppy.  You may find yourself agitated and your body may react strongly, but you are stepping into the year of the green horse beautifully.  Down in the village of Telos, we’re extremely proud of you,” he told her as he patted her on the back.

  She liked it. She enjoyed getting the spiritual  “atta boy” that she didn’t always get around the house or with her family.  She could feel El Morya’s peaceful support flowing to her from his seat on the couch.  It was like a lava flow of love.

    “Well, Mt. Shasta is an active volcano,” he told her.

   “That’s nice, but can you please stop reading my mind?” she said.

   “Oops, sorry,” he replied looking sheepish for the first time since they had met.

    “So, going forward into 2014, what’s the Rx for a happy new year?” Paula asked.

    “Well, this will sound cliché, but it really is about being present to the moment, being grateful when and where you can, and staying in touch with your angels and intuition whenever possible…oh and having intentional fun,” he said.

   “I could have shown up to you any way that  I wanted to, but I chose to show up wearing this bright colorful motorcycle jacket, “ he said.  “I’m part of the rainbow people, so I’m particularly pleased with this,” he said looking down at his leather filled with orange, yellow, and purple splashes of color.  Paula had never seen anything like it.  It made her smile imagining him on some motorcycle flying through the skies like Santa Claus or an angel on a Harley.

   “So, I’m going to ask you to promise to be good to yourself this new year,” he said to her.  “Because this is the year of living dangerously.  It’s the year to be fully yourself and to come out of the closet, not just with psychic abilities but with anything you’ve been hiding from others. This is the year to rear up and claim your horse power,” he told her.

   “So, do you accept my proposal?” he asked as he smiled and winked.

  “Why yes, yes, I believe I do, “ she said as chills ran through her body.  She knew it was time to step into her full being, to be her full out badass self.

  “Then my mission here is done.  I will take my leave, “ he told her.  He gently moved the sleeping cat off his lap. As he stood to go, she got off the couch and hugged him.  The hug was the most reassuring blast of unconditional love she’d felt in a long, long time.

   She was imagining he’d just disappear into thin air.  But El Morya was headed for the door.  He opened it and closed it behind him.   Paula wanted to look out the window to watch him go, but she found she couldn’t bear the idea of him leaving.

  Paula just returned to the couch and her cat.  And a few minutes later she heard the sound of a motorcycle firing up and she smiled as the loud engine  noise faded into the distance.