Five Five-Minute Methods to Calm the $&@# Down!

Is it just me or does it seem people are extra jittery these days? Maybe it’s time to calm the $&@# down!
Here are five five-minute methods to get right with the world and find inner peace.
Calm hacks:

#1 Pretend That You Are Dead


There, don’t you feel a sense of relief almost immediately? Your to-do list just got a lot shorter. No one can find you. And what REALLY matters suddenly just became very obvious. Five minutes to rest in peace.

#2 Stop the Pot..of Coffee


Two cups a day is plenty. Studies show that more than that causes anxiety and jitters. It only takes a few minutes…to not drink more coffee. Worry is borrowing trouble from the future. Making too much coffee is brewing problems that haven’t happened.

#3  The fortune cookie  says: Stop, Drop, and Roll…in Bed


Jump into the bed. Roll yourself up tightly in the comforter and just lay there. Your first inclination might be to let out a claustrophobic scream. Right after that though, you may feel the comfort of your comforter. Newborn babies are calmed by being swaddled in a blankie. Why? It replicates the feeling of being in the womb. Time to make room for some womb time. You’ve spent years outside it foraging and surviving. Why not return to that safe and secure feeling in the safety of your own bed?

#4 Eat something hardy from the dirt.

Root vegetables aren’t very active. They grow in the ground. Some of that calmness and down and dirty attitude must get absorbed when we eat them. In Chinese Medicine, root vegetables are seen as calming food. Time to beat your anxiety with beets.

#5 Take Five…Minutes For A Guilty Pleasure



Drive fast, dance to music, draw, read a tabloid magazine, eat chocolate, call a friend- all when you know you SHOULD be doing something else! Taking just five minutes to blow off steam releases the pressure valve so you can stay calm and carry on.

Blessings, Lorraine