Squirrel Magic

How much squirrel magic do you have in you?  Busy-bodies indeed, the squirrel prototype is on the move. When was the last time you saw one resting?  Flat out belly flopping?  Check out the resters pictured above.

You know how some talented animal whisperers give horse readings.  I had a few that blew my mind. They cut threw the intellect and see the truth of a situation. I know someone who had a horse literally go to letters on a barn wall and spell out a word!  By nudging each letter with its nose. Get out!

This month I was visiting my parents’ home which is a lot like visiting a nature retreat. They have woods behind them complete with deer, wild turkeys, hawks, and squirrels.  But it was the squirrels who made a show during a psychic reading I was giving.  I was out back and the squirrels seem to come out of no where, making quite a lot of noise scampering around the ground and up and down trees.  I told the client and she said, “Oh yes, squirrel is my totem.”

Squirrel signifies quickness, planning, playfulness, and trust.  Here’s one shamanic explanation.  In a fabulous act of selfless assistance, one of the squirrels in that exact moment sprawled out on the ground.  I snapped a picture.  I told my client, who in turn said, “That’s exactly what’s going on for me right now.  I’m flat out exhausted.”  The same squirrel got up, ran and then came back and sprawled out again, in a different direction, making sure that we got the message.

Being a busy-body makes up a large part of the the personality for squirrel people.  But there’s also an aspect of the totem that says slowing down is part of leveling up to a new vibration.  At times it feels like hurry up! Then conversely it’s time to belly flop.

If you believe in squirrel magic and that it’s part of your personality, then remember, it’s important to be willing to turn on a dime.  That looks like stopping to play, rest, and then perhaps run around like a maniac!  But, squirrel lives by the seasons and lives in the moment.

A few years back we found an abandoned baby squirrel who we took home and my daughter raised for awhile.  That’s when I did a YouTube video about squirrel energy.   If you go to 2:20 you wills see the squirrel appear on my back, helping me with the video.  Squirrel is about ALLOWING SPIRIT’S TIMING AND DIRECTION!  And yes, that does include rest.

My parents have half a dozen bird feeders, with squirrel blockers at the bottom. But the birds scatter seeds on the ground and the squirrels move in for the easy get… free seeds instead of gathering acorns themselves.  And that’s true of spirit.  There are easy gets!  Sometimes, it is not about gathering through effort!  It’s more about collecting through spirit!  So if squirrel is part of your psyche so is squirrel magic. Let the goods come to you.  Wait it out flat on your belly if needed!

Where are you?  Resting?  Nesting?  Is your need for control causing you to run unchecked?  It might be time to trust timing.  Invite squirrel magic to guide you, your schedule and energy output.  If a squirrel happens on your path, take a look.  Become a squirrel whisperer.  I’m sure they’ll happily reflect back to you if it’s time for a belly flop, play, or scampering.

Blessings, Lorraine

***I found that amazing magical squirrel illustration by Brian Luk on the web here.