Angel Of Death

Here’s some light reading.  This week I did a meditation where I saw a giant angel of death at a place where I retreat to write and swim.  She was big and all black and calm, very calm.  So, yeah, that was cheery.   I surmised it was going to mean the harbinger of energetic death or actual death, or both.

It turns out this week it was both. Those of you who know me, know that I often blurt out  fairy poems.  Sometimes they are funny and goofy ditties, sometimes they’re  serious.  But they mostly are just timely.  Inevitably someone will write to me saying they applied exactly to what was going on for them.  Earlier this week this is what came bubbling up:

Fairy, fairy quite contrary, What’s this full moon about? Big Feelings about death and fear. It will get better, so don’t fret dear, your heart is just getting bigger.

So, what happened in my realm?  My neighbor died this week.  A young police officer in our local, small, close-knit community died unexpectedly.

A bunch of intuitive women posted their thoughts on our blog about what might have happened to a missing woman in Florida.  Their impressions… she was murdered by her husband.  Later that same day they found the woman’s body and arrested her husband.  Fascinating to watch it unfold on the group blog so accurately.  Also interesting to see it unveiled after the angel of death showed herself  to me this week.

Now, death for the most part, sucks.  I don’t care how many of us may believe in a life after death, for those left behind it’s simply no fun.  That being said, it is an important part of living.  And not only that, so is death energy itself in all aspects of life.  Death energy is the end of one form and the beginning of another.  It is the caterpillar to the butterfly, it is a doorway of big change.

This week is was also a particularly powerful full moon.  There was a lot in astrology reports about resting or a sort of holding back energy.  When something dies it’s refusing to go forward in its current state.  That also includes worn out patterns of behavior or old relationships.  There is a death pattern this week of June where change is happening with or without our conscious consent.

This week someone’s actions came to light in my circle that really wasn’t working for them or me.   We were able to really talk about it and create an action plan for change.  The old way of doing things has one foot in the grave, so to speak.

How does one navigate death energy? Very carefully.   Personally, I b-lined today to some beautiful gardens with my kids.  I stayed in bed one morning for an extra hour before launching into my busy day.  I ate a cheeseburger.  I cried.   I also checked in with my support network, and as always, they came through with shining colors.

In a nutshell, when someone is grieving, society cuts them a break.  Cut yourself a break, because you are likely grieving some form of loss.  That means it is ok to feel lost, sad, tired, ungrounded, and in need of support.  Then it really is not only OK, but actually imperative to cry, rest, ground yourself and lean on someone.

Another thing to be on the lookout for…trying to help others, when you are actually the one in need of help.  Often we jump to a co- dependent stance, to avoid our  own feelings of pain.  It’s called avoidance.  Sitting still with our feelings is important.  Otherwise we skip a step on this journey we call LIFE.  Feelings about death or endings are uncomfortable, but they grow us.  Before you give, make sure your own cup is full.

Allowing for the feelings of loss is truly a heart opener.

I believe the angel of death is called an angel because she really is one.  She ushers in change, and usually arrives with a willing support team, to help those making the transition and those who might be left behind.  That applies to physical death or the death of behaviors or certain forms of relationships.

Godspeed to those of us walking through the muddle and middle of June gloom.  Here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel…

Blessings, Lorraine