Psychic Weight Gain

It was 2002 when I saw my first dead person clearly.  Whammo, that’s when all hell broke loose and I started hearing from and seeing spirit.  Then I sensed feelings from people and places. I was also a 39-year-old svelte former television reporter.  At the time I was working producing a video for Minnesota psychics and brother and sister Michael and Echo Bodine. When it became clear that my psychic abilities had come in for a landing, Michael said, “Well get ready to gain some weight and get some cats.”  Because, that’s what happens for a lot of women psychics.  It turns out body fat and cats seem to protect us from certain vibes we don’t want to hit us.  And Micheal’s prediction came true.   I became pregnant with my third child, never lost the weight after my son was born and continued to pack on the pounds. I also got cats.

This week in our Psychic Housewives Group on Facebook the conversation  has turned to the connection between psychic abilities and weight gain.

“OMG I have gained 25 pounds in 8 months… does it end?”

” I was down, now two months later, Ive gone up! ”

“New tee shirt: ‘I’m not fat, I’m psychic.’ LOL”

This proves to be an issue for women with psychic abilities or who just experience darn good intuition.  I have a few theories that I’ve accumulated over the years about why that is.  First and foremost, our body does have a wisdom.  It has needs that by-pass our ego’s.  Karen Bishop wrote about this extensively in her email blasts about ascension symptoms.  She also talks about it in her books.  Energetically we may need all the padding we can get.  If we feel extra sensitive, our bodies respond in kind.  Years ago I went to live in nature.  It was very raw and remote.  It was all I could do to survive all my feelings and all the contact nature deva’s were making with me.  I gained a tremendous amount of weight.  But I was also extremely psychically receptive and creatively productive.  It was a time in my life when I was extremely willing to follow divine guidance.  I was willing to be “Big” and “Big” on all levels.

A doctor friend of mine saw me when I was the most overweight I’d been in my entire life.  When he’d left the country to do volunteer work, I’d been my television reporter size. When he saw me again two years later, I was 70 pounds over what had been my “normal” weight.  Upon his return to the U.S. and upon seeing me I got the talk…about how I needed to at least be healthy.  Soon after, back in L.A. my book sold and it was time to be on radio and television.  EEEEEEEK!  I eventually found a personal trainer and through blood, sweat and tears took off 20 pounds, which I have kept off for almost 3 years. I can also dead lift over 200 pounds.  Weeee!

I also discovered something important, my Thyroid wasn’t doing its job.  I’ve since learned  that many women with psychic abilities often have thyroid issues.  I now take a medication derived from pigs called Armour Thyroid which has helped my metabolism.  But still after all the work, I was still at least 30 pounds over my ideal weight.  I finally went to  my doctor and he recently put me on an weight loss plan that has helped me to lose another 22 pounds.

I also joined a support group of people who tend to overeat.  And I asked for prayer support from some fellow friends and psychic housewives when I was suffering from weight gain and energy drain.  It has all added up to healthy physical and emotional changes.

But, it has been a 10 year journey!!!!

There is a reason Helen Michaels and I have a Size 3X card as part of our AAA Oracle Deck!  We know the journey of getting bigger!!!!

Here are some tips for those of you who feel the weightiness of your weight:

If you eat meat, eat more.  It helps ground you.  I have a very lean psychic friend who always skips the potatoes, even though eating starch can feel grounding.

If you need chocolate, go dark and go with a high percentage of real cocao.  I’ve put up a picture of a delicious sugar free brand from Trader Joe’s.

If you are highly sensitive to other’s feelings and crowded places, find new ways to pad and protect yourself.  Black tourmaline on a necklace or in your pocket will help emit protection.  Saying a prayer of protection before you leave the house or when around people who make you feel uncomfortable is also helpful.  I will go outside and draw a circle around myself with a stick or my foot and say a prayer of protection.  Sticking to and with your personal boundaries helps too.  Writing your feelings down helps release fear and pain. If you’re stuffing your feelings, it can also add pounds.

Allowing your body to be the size God needs it to be right now is also a big part of faith and surrender.

Get support.  If you want to explore being big and bold and psychic, join us in the Psychic Housewives Group onFacebook.

If you want to explore weight loss in a healthy way, get guidance from your doctor or a nutritionist.  There are also support groups such as Overeaters Anonymous available in most cities throughout the country and online.

Get active and be in your body.  No matter what your weight, your body is a spiritual tool.  It needs love and exercise.  When you move your body, feelings and spirit can move through more easily. Personally, I found hiring someone to tell me what to do for exercise, kept and keeps me accountable for being active…i.e. personal training.

Last but not least…no matter what your weight, your ego can tell you you’re too heavy, too lite, not just right.  You are a beautiful creation of God, perfect in this moment.  Your soul chose this journey. You are on the right path.

Our Size 3X card says this:

It’s time to embrace the magic number of 3X.  Three is a fairy number full of possibilities.  And X stands for exceptional.  Translated that means 3X= Exceptional Possibilities.

I’ve listed some resource sites  below you might find helpful!  Blessings, Lorraine

Also, Echo Bodine’s book on psychic abilities and grounding – A Still Small Voice

And Shannon Laackmann on eating beef at

The Wisdom of Menopause – Christiane Northrup’s Book