11-11-11 Full Moon : Rx for Recovery

Audacious Action Angels Oracle

Wow, this is one humdinger energy portal. What’s the biggest complaint I’m hearing? Irritability!
I’m thinking it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Last month my friend Helen and I had our Oracle Cards birth into the world through Schiffer Publishing. One of my favorites was one that Helen and I struggled with…both the image and the message. It’s pictured here, called Wicked Wonders. Seems it’s the perfect fit for 11-11-11.
The opening tag line: There are unseen gifts in the situation you struggle with right now.
The opening paragraph for the card description is: “Feeling agitated? Has struggle been instigated? Is the spiritual journey feeling over-rated?”

Helen and I couldn’t quite figure out the image or the message. It pissed us off for awhile. Here’s the thing, feeling cranky isn’t very accepted, often by us. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had someone cut off their own feelings because society tells us we need to be positive.
HOWEVER, out of friction can come great leaps. When something is getting under your skin it is also getting your attention.
Marianne Williamson says go for God and all that is not authentic will fall away. It’s the process of that falling away that can get rough.
This week your rough feelings will be amplified. If you were to call me, I’d say, “Lay it on me. Lay it on thick! Screw the Law of Attraction this week. Just be in the muck. Yuck!” But being real about feelings is truly part of the journey. When a pregnant woman is close to giving birth, she isn’t always a bundle of joy before her bundle of joy is out!
So, what are some coping skills? Here’s some Rx.
1. Drink water. Lots of water. It will wash away some of your woes.
2. Have Rescue Remedy in your favorite drink. It’s a flower essence mixture to calm the nerves – available at health food stores.
3. Watch out for energy vampires. This is magnified by the 11-11-11 energies. People who understand energy work and want your energy know when and how to strike to get a drink of your juju. If your gut reaction to a phone call, volunteer request, or coffee date is “no”, then don’t go!
4. Go charge yourself in the full moon starting now through Monday when the full moon energies are in full swing. It’s a way to let the moon magic fill you if you’re feeling drained.
5. Talk your ass off to a friend. Just do it. Express yourself! Then get quiet and take a turn listening. I’m sure she/ he is ready to burst at the seams as well.
6. Pray. Last, but not least. “Thy will, not my will”. Perhaps divine’s will is that you not be so responsible, but rest. Perhaps it will be some guidance you are not expecting. If you’re in the ego hold, these energies will put your ego in a tizzy. Go with God on this one.

I myself end up drinking diet orange crush with rescue remedy in it and playing some shoot-em-up video games. Don’t ask..because I can’t explain. It just seems to work.
Perhaps there are wicked wonders coming to life on this magical day. Wait for it, wait for it…
One thing I’ve been told by my angels, is the things we fear or the things that irritate us the most, often have the most divine power on the other side of the discomfort.
Here’s to allowing our discomfort, getting great support, and awaiting the birth of something new.
Freaky Friday? Bring it on!

Blessings, Lorraine