Anderson Cooper and Psychic Bias In The Media by Lorraine Roe

By Lorraine Roe, Psychic Housewife

I have psychic abilities.  I don’t talk about it in the mainstream media, because, 1) I’ve always felt it’s hard to navigate the topic in a news forum and 2) mainstream media finds it completely impossible to portray any psychic abilities in any normal fashion.  Right on schedule, Anderson Cooper proved my point on his show Anderson this week.  (

He investigated psychics.  His team found people addicted to psychic readings, psychic fakes, and psychic thieves.  Anderson even asked a psychic, if they were so psychic, why they didn’t see their arrest coming.  Ha, ha, good one.  Not that I don’t empathize with his doubt about psychic abilities and his presentation that most are scam artists.

Let me tell you a story.  I spent 15 years reporting on and investigating scam artists on television. I also reported skeptically on psychics.  Although, I have to say, the ones I met seemed credible. But they were not ones who operated shops with neon signs.

A funny thing happened ten years ago.  I left the t.v. news business to spend more time with family.  I learned to meditate and I did yoga.  I started to have strong intuitive feelings that I should or shouldn’t do something.  When I followed my gut, it usually worked out.  When I didn’t, my circumstances usually didn’t flow.  Then one day at home, I felt a presence show up in my home office.  Now you have to understand, I had no real experience with this sort of thing, so I was freaked.  The presence seemed like an old lady, a grandma type.  I felt like she was showing me a picture of a boy, standing on a porch, holding a bucket of peaches, wearing a striped shirt.  Beyond that, I felt like the boy was all grown up now and was a doctor friend of mine.  OMG.  Who wants to confirm that vision?  Well, me, the former reporter.  So, I did.  Full of trepidation, I called him.  I called Frank Artress M.D.  He told me that was a scene from his childhood. His grandmother had a home in a peach orchard and he used to wear a striped shirt while picking peaches.

Here’s the thing.  I understand the disbelief in psychic abilities.  I’ve lived it.  But I also know that regular people are having experiences that they cannot explain with their reasoning.  I know because I hear from them daily.  Years ago I created the Psychichousewife Youtube Channel:

psychichousewife youtube channel

This is where I explain common psychic experiences and ways to deal with them.  The information comes from my experiences, the wisdom of friends and mentors, and much studying I’ve done.   The channel has had 43,000 uploads.   When you look at people’s comments following the videos, they are often sharing their experiences of having uncanny intuition, feeling like they’ve heard from a deceased love one, or believing they knew when some major disaster was going to happen.

I understand Anderson Cooper is going to have a follow up show about psychics.  Supposedly it will have a more positive slant.  A credible medium named John Edward will be on the show and will apparently give Anderson and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt a reading.  The one problem I see with that, is it again places psychics in the position of proving their gifts or abilities on air.  When was the last time someone asked Joe The Plumber to do repairs live on air to prove he was really a plumber? Once again, a psychic is called upon to perform, to prove that which really is unprovable because it is so subjective.  Only the person receiving the reading gets the full impact of the references.

In my mind, the only way to believe in psychics is to throw any attempt to believe in psychic abilities out the window.  It’s the experience that makes all the difference.  When you get a profound reading that resonates in a meaningful way from a psychic, that’s when you start to understand what might be possible.  Or, when someone experiences for themselves, an intuitive feeling about something that comes to pass or they know something that they could not possibly have known through just their intellect, then they begin to see the possibilities of psychic ability.

Anderson’s team also reported that psychic readings account for a 2 billion dollar industry each year.  Well, the self-help industry is a 10-billion dollar industry.  And many of those books are about do-it-yourself intuition.  Normal people are having extraordinary experiences when it comes to psychic events and they want and deserve good information.

It would be nice, for once, to see the news media portray psychic abilities with a little more genuine curiosity and respect.  I’ve always felt regular people made for the best stories in news.  I think a few more regular people talking about unusual, personal psychic EXPERIENCES would help a lot of people out there.  Just for once, taking it out of the fringe realm, we might get a more balanced look at what psychic abilities really are to the average person.