Where Medium Stands Tall

Sometimes you may feel out of place hearing and seeing spirit, experiencing haunted places, or reading energies off items. But you won’t feel that way at Harmony Grove.
It’s a community of mediums. Some live there, others work and teach or minister there. I like to call it the Lily Dale of the West.
It’s also located on Chumash grounds. Stepping foot onto the grounds you immediately have a sense I peace. Mediums who’ve earned their minister’s license teach subjects from chakra’s to mediumship and drum making. The classes are inexpensive. I paid $60 for a two-night intensive that was a 6 hour course on mediumship. It was thorough, funny, and full of amazing hand-outs.
Some of what I learned was refresher, but other information was new to me even though it comes from literature written 100 years ago by spiritualists.
Teachers are old-school mediums. They teach, as I was taught, that we are here to be of service, but not to interfere with another’s path or seek ego gratification from our work.
The most striking thing about my visit this time was how energized I was by being around people who believe you can see and hear spirit and for whom that isn’t a big deal. It was..restful.
Obviously many people I meet out in the world don’t believe these abilities are real. Some have ghostly encounters, but they don’t quite believe what they see. When you finally acknowledge you are psychic it can often feel like you stand out and stand alone.
At Harmony Grove they stand together. It is refreshing, it is lovely, it is like coming home. I’m grateful for this spiritualist community that has been in place in Escondido , Ca for 115 years!
It is a battery recharging station. I’m ready to wander around normal types again. And thankful for a paranormal resting place.
Blessings, Lorraine