Media Manipulation: What’s Our Truth?

OK ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of an onslaught of media information once again.  There has been a big news event, a tragedy.  We are being given information by media outlets who receive a lot of their information from unnamed sources in law enforcement.  Here is a simple question, does it all add up?  Or does it all add up too quickly?

When we all experience a collective fear, we feel separate.  Perhaps we may feel separate from God, perhaps even from our own sense of safety.  What prevents us from being manipulated by forces we can’t see?  What keeps us in our self-authority?

Twelve years ago I was a very tenacious reporter.  I was intuitive, I was competitive, but I wasn’t as clairvoyant as I am now.  I had a well-placed source in the FBI.  He gave me incredible information, provided pictures of suspects, their loot, and seemed to magically know when and where protestors were going to strike.  In one instance  the WTO protests were spreading around the country and parts of the world. The protestors came to the city where I was reporting.  The night before their arrival someone defaced a McDonald’s and the protestor’s group name was written in graffiti on the walls of the fast food chain.  My source called me to tell me I could get video of it right away.  Our crew got the video, but then I called the official spokesperson for the protesting group to find out there side of the story.  He told me they had nothing to do with it and in fact most of their members had not arrived to the city yet.   He seemed very  upset and told me point blank that the FBI had been doing this to them in other cities. It gave me pause.   I turned the story over to the incoming night shift reporter.  She didn’t air it for some reason.  My cell phone rang, and my FBI source was furious with me.   That night a thought occurred…was I at the wrong end of a set up?  Had the FBI actually done it themselves then blamed the protestors.  Of course, it was perfectly possible the group denied all responsibility because they didn’t want a run in with the law.  But at the time my gut told me the rabbit hole ran much deeper.

As a former reporter and someone who also experiences waves of psychic information, I’m always finding new ways to make my left brain and right brain cooperate.  I carefully scrutinize tantalizing  news stories.  I watch for consistency is the pictures, so-called facts, timing, and the feelings I get from the news videos.

Unfortunately I’ve come to believe that a lot of what we are told, or fed, by spokes people or the media is simply fabrication.  To what end, you might ask.  I can’t completely answer that. But I can recommend some interesting reading.

Here’s a fascinating look at the CIA’s ties to the media, written by Carl Bernstein.

And there is also the notion of the agencies ties to mind control.

One of the writers who completely blew my mind was a woman named Barbara Marciniak who has written numerous books about illusions and manipulations by behind the scenes beings.

One of the fastest ways to start seeing the truth is to blow up your pre-conceived notions.  However, it’s not always an easy journey.  We are living in an unprecedented time, when information flows rapidly and somewhat freely over the airwaves, computer cables, and our phones.  It is stunning.  But as the electronic waves increase, perhaps our time and attention and ability to go within, is meeting with resistance.   I’ll mediate right after I Facebook, I’ll do yoga right after I send this email, I’ll go into nature, but I’ll bring my cell phone.

To clear your perceptions it is essential to clear your space, get support, and feed your intuition.  As you are  easily bombarded by images from outside sources, it is essential to go inside and see what is real to you.

I know some have completely given up on mainstream media.  I get it.  I really do.  But for me, having come from news and having family who work in television, I try to straddle both worlds. I also believe keeping tabs on what goes on in the world, if only briefly, keeps me tuned into a certain reality.  In addition I like to treat it as a game.  What do they tell me and what do I KNOW to be the truth?  Very often, I find the answers to be in direct conflict with each other.

Who are those easiest to manipulate?  People who feel disconnected, who are dependent upon others for their self-esteem and decisions,  and those who don’t trust themselves.   I also believe those who go to another source than a GOD SOURCE get into trouble.  Perhaps we are addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, caring for others, people pleasing, or being busy.  Accept no substitutes.  Divine has the goods and it’s good. Following your instincts, building a bridge between your ego and divine guidance, is life altering and rejuvenating.

I have devoted my work to helping people help themselves when it comes to intuition and seeing the truth.  I’m certainly not the first to write about this, nor will I be the last.  But three aspects that I feel are not written about enough are self-care and self-authority and creativity.  I believe the qualities are a trifecta for seeing the truth.  When we nurture ourselves, we reinforce the notion that we are worthy.  When we hold our own perceptions in high esteem we successfully underscore that our profound connection to divine and our inner knowing really is the ultimate truth.  And finally, when we create, through music, dance, drawing, writing, painting or move-making, we affirm our roles as divine beings who create alchemy or magic with our imagination.

I’m passionate about helping others to see for the themselves.  When people go to psychics, counselors, friends, or spiritual advisors for help, it’s often because they can’t see a situation clearly themselves.  But, as we move down the path of self-knowledge and God knowledge, we are intuitively led to the right choice or the correct perception.

As we move through the month of July we might want to consider this could be Hell’s Kitchen.  There’s nothing hotter than hell, except hell’s kitchen.  But what may be cooking there?  Or what might be getting burned off?  Perhaps our misperceptions are being burned away.  And what is left at the core?  Our true selves and our true knowing.

I proposed a perception game.  If you are following one or two massive news events, turn off the media, and ask for your intuition, angels, guides, or God to show you the truth in whatever form they choose.  Perhaps it will be a sign or a song.  If you are confused about perceptions in your personal life, say this prayer, “May the God of truth speak freely”.  See what the universe presents.

You are blessed with your own knowing.  You are a beloved child of God.  You are not a sheep.  You are a leader.  Trust yourself, trust your inner knowing.