August 1 Full Moon: Work it!

I’m going to make this short and sweet.  Today, August 1st, is the date when the rent is due, or perhaps your mortgage.  But more importantly, it’s the FULL MOON.

I’m going to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote our oracle card Friendly Skies.

It’s from the Audacious Action Angels Oracle Deck my friend and artist Helen Michaels created and I wrote.  I’m feeling the love and feeling like sharing the message.

Card meaning:  Take flight with your soul and guides of highest consciousness.  There are no limits.

Twinkle, twinkle little star, will you take me very far? hello girl on the moon, are we leaving very soon?

My feeling about tonights full moon is it is time to manifest. It is time to dream big.  How big?  Really, really big.  This is what we were meant for…to manifest.  This is about opening up the filters, it’s about allowing.

There seems to be a tightening financially for many of us right now.  Perhaps that is so we can allow our true source, divine, to give to us in new and surprising ways.  Or maybe there is a way in which we aren’t allowing money to come in.  If money is love, then let it flow.  If all other stuff is just another form of abundance, then allow it into your life.

Tonight and for the next three days following I call in a special prayer of abundance for all of us..That we may be allowed to see ways in which we shut off the divine faucet. That when we notice it, we allow ourselves to turn back on the flow and open the sink handles fully.

Here’s it is …

open the spigot

can you dig it?

time for divine

so sublime

Here are some quick action steps for full moon manifestation.  Get a paper plate, write your wishes, put on some tea light candles and let the universe take it away.  There is also my hard copy version of that which is on youtube.  Another simple way to manifest is to stand out in the moonlight, turn in a circle clockwise with your arms extended and say your manifestation prayers and wishes.

A word to the wise, sometimes what needs to be cleared can be shown to you first, before you manifest.  Perhaps an old thought pattern or a feeling to throw out the old (clothes, furniture, books) will occur to you, so the new can come into your life.

I have a very, very good feeling about tonight’s full moon.  Use the magic to make your life wonderful.  You have the power.

Blessings, LorraineImage