Nagging Thoughts

yoideas   They’ve come to you several times in the past week. They are just subtle thoughts, but repetitive….quiet little sneaksters. I really need to _______.
Slow down? Surrender? Watch for the signs? Let in guidance?
Often when I give people my intuitive insights about their circumstances they say, “I was just thinking about doing that this week” or “I just was doing that yesterday.” it may seem subtle or too simple to be divinely inspired, but that’s often how it works.
This month we are doing a psychic development course. It never ceases to amaze me how courageous and committed people are to finding the divine presence and presents in their lives. From the single mother, to the graduate student, to the small business owner, to the retiree, to the corporate executive, they all come to the table of spiritual development. They all have something in common , a recurring theme in their lives calling to them.
All of us at one time or another need extra support seeing the divine in our lives (the hummingbird that lands near us, the unexpected check, the child whispering a loving truth). God/ goddess energy can be subtle and the messengers very gentle. Being with others on the same path helps reinforce common experiences and goals. Listening for repeating signs, thoughts, and patterns in our lives is a way of listening to and respecting divine communication.
And remember, what may be true for you and necessary today, may be different tomorrow . Divine can turn on a dime. It’s fluid. That’s why listening each day is so valuable.
Psychic ability isn’t some big glamourous connection with dead people and angels. It’s a subtle connection with spirit that guides you through everyday life. If you talk to a few angels and see some deceased people along the way, that’s awesome. But hearing the small voice within, seeing the signs, and noticing the patterns is just as valid. If you are having a nagging thought to do something or to stop doing it…it may be your angels’ way of getting your attention.
Try following the suggestions they offer and see what gives. It may very well be your soul and angels have a few bright ideas. It will also underscore the notion that you are not alone. You have a support team and they’ve got your back.
Blessings, Lorraine
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Image by Helen Michaels from the AAA Oracle Deck.