Who’s There? “Holy Spirit,” She Said


An opening is here. But it is simpler than we may realize. It’s clearing out what stands between us and our real true divine selves. An opportunity to stand tall in truth has arrived. The Churches tell us he is the God, and he arrives with a son and a male entity known as the Holy Spirit. Maybe Holy Spirit is actually a “she”. Perhaps SHE is coming into the world in a bigger way. Maybe she’s asking to come into our body fully? What circuit breakers do we choose to slow her entrance?

Perhaps when we reach for the drink, the joint, the coffee, the pill, the sugar, or we help someone who hasn’t asked for help, we reach to numb the reality of the power blazing through our veins, the blood memory of who we are. Perhaps we’re not ready to answer the knock on the door.

Happy distractions can be good distractions. Letting your brain be distracted from the ego chatter actually speeds up the process. Watching movies, exercising, reading a good book can all help us relax and receive. But some activities block integration of the spirit. It slows our ascension. Holy Spirit is a loving, allowing protector. But sometimes giving up “control” can be too much and our ego reaches for the distraction. Pink is the blink the universe uses to see more clearly. Look into the cosmos, pictures taken by the Hubble. How much pink to do you see? Stars are birthed, swathed in pink.

Biblical scholars have debated the gender of the Holy Spirit. There are many references in Hebrew to the Holy Spirit as a “she”. The painting below is from the 14th Century. The woman in the middle is said to be the Holy Spirt. The feminine energy is more than just a mother or a virgin (Mary). She is powerful. She is sexy. She is vulnerable. She manifests. Perhaps she’s been whitewashed throughout the centuries because of that very power. But today she is back, front and center. And I believe she’s asking to not only be acknowledged, but to have her energies applied in our daily lives.

This year, more than ever, I’ve come to understand the concept of self-care. It’s not something I was taught at home growing up in my family. But as I trust my inner knowing to know I must exercise, I must say “no” to certain requests, I must rest, I learn to be happy.

I have learned that many things happening in this world are not my business or concern. That I am here merely to be a witness and understand that others have a journey to take. I make peace with what is. I move to acceptance.

I realize mental clarity is a gift from God. It helps me to be more intuitive. When I blur it with substances not meant for my body, I get fuzzy. I’ve realized someone upstairs wants me to see the truth and know it on the inside.

When I am a bad ass and I have fun and I’m irreverent, I feel more alive.

I help when I feel divinely inspired to do so. Otherwise I find myself drained.

I believe these are the new feminine energies. They are actually very, very old. But they are back with a vengeance. They feel so different than what we’ve been taught, that we don’t know what to make of them.

What if when we were growing up, our mothers and fathers looked at us and said, “Don’t worry about us and our dysfunction, just go take care of yourself”.

What if our partners said consistently, “Honey, explore your intuitive knowings and rest when you need to”?

What if every woman was taught at a young age to say, “I don’t have to give myself away to be safe”.

Holy Spirit is here and she’s challenging all of us to live in a new way. Because it’s a brand new day.

If Jesus knocked on your door and asked to sit with you, would you let him into your home? If Holy Spirit knocks and asks to let her into your home, your body, your life, will you allow her to enter? These are the times of stepping up to who we are and where we’ve been and where we are going. We are embodying spirit. You came here now for a reason. It’s a return to your one true source.

Holy Spirit’s a Girl. Pass it on.