Boundaries and Renewal


This week I had a reality check about my high levels of sensitivity after a series of unfortunate events. I find myself overstimulated energetically and undernourished spiritually. You see, I’m relatively new to all this. Or at least I’m a neophyte at accepting I have limits to my exposure to situations and other people.
This week I was emotionally supporting someone who’s in the entertainment industry, while feeling its very frenetic vibes. I already live in Los Angeles, where industry insanity is prevalent. But when one really knows firsthand about the behind- the -scenes ego issues, addiction problems, and general insanity, it’s pretty gnarly!
In addition, I spent a few days in tight quarters with people I didn’t know. Add to that, I’m working on a dream project! But it involves creating spiritual content in a very secular industry setting. Of course, I do not do any of this without
God, family, and friends propping me upright! But, sometimes I dive into these situations without remembering to respect and care for my sensitivities.
Friends who’ve been outright psychic since they were kids seem a lot smarter and more realistic on this topic. They know when to stop, drop, and roll before there’s a crisis. They think nothing of saying out loud that they spent the day at home, on the sofa or in bed, to retreat and regroup.
Today’s society and pacing seem to offer little allowance or instruction on taking care of our sensitive selves. Unfortunately, I’m still a slow learner. And like it or not, as time passes, I find my emotional sensitivity only increases. This week my body let me have it!
I had knots in my stomach, many tears, and exhaustion. But I also am remembering to be gentle with myself. Eventually I have pulled back from social obligations this week, gotten into nature, and called friends for support.
Learning to understand what the new Extra sensitive Lorraine can handle is an adventure in experimentation.
Sometimes what I can handle isn’t a lot.
I’m reminded of a passage from Henry David Thoreau from his lovely book Walden, “I had three chairs in my house. One for solitude, two for friendship, and three for society”.
Today three chairs feels like one too many. I’m hopeful it won’t feel that way later. I’m a slow learner at times. But I am making friends with my extreme sensitivity and learning how to honor and respect it.
Today I write this from my heart looking at this beautiful Oak tree with the morning sun rising above it. I’m nurtured in nature. It’s my way of taking my sensitive being to a safe space.

Blessings, Lorraine