As I write this it is the Harvest Moon.  So-called because it’s late-glowing light allowed farmers to work late into the evening.  Speaking of autumn and it’s beautiful rich golden colors, how about citrine?  The crystal citrine is said to help  harvest prosperity.

If you are reading this as someone who believes crystals can change your life, you are my kind of reader. However, If you’ve never tried working with crystals, you’re also my kind of reader. Through out the past several decades we’ve seen an explosion in information about crystals and their properties. Two of my favorites include:

Melody, Love is in the Earth and Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphaell and her trilogy on crystals. Citrine, real citrine, which is typically a lighter yellow color, has powerful properties, of clearing, protection, and abundance.   Apparently Amethyst can be heated to turn it to a burnt orange and called citrine.  That’s why it’s important to find the golden toned and more expensive citrine pieces.

This month, I’m back to experimenting with crystals to see what happens when I work with them. It’s not a matter of proving, but of partaking.  And I have to say citrine is proving its powerful properties have swag.

This week two long term projects have raised their heads like a sleeping dragon. I do not know where they go next, but I do know they are receiving interest. It follows several weeks of me consistently  wearing and holding citrine.
If you’d like to experiment along with me, take a citrine piece and place it in the south east corner for abundance. Or my friend Crystal Blackburn learned that placing it in your sinks brings in light and abundance. Wearable citrine is said to protect you and it never needs to be cleared, that’s how ding dang powerful it is!
Let’s run an experiment. Work with some citrine this week. See if this stuff’s for real. And get back to me about any sudden abundance that comes your way. Let’s wake the sleeping dragons, the projects that are waiting to arise.  Let’s harvest abudnance in the full harvest moon!

Blessings, Lorraine