TV Off Week

“A terrible thing happened this week,” he said.
“In many ways I’m better off dead.”
TV off, computer too
It’s that week, I can’t get through
School does it, my parents too? Oh no, they are! Yellow caution tape across the screen,
Video games go unseen
No good will come of it, I tell you
What am I? A caged animal in a zoo?!
Hey, wait, is that my bike? Where have you been? I know, let’s ride again and again.
Aren’t we close to the library here?
Didn’t we go just sometime last year?
I’ll get a few books, actually four
Then probably go back for just a few more
Hello toy soldiers, how about a battle?
Cannons will blow and cause quite a rattle
Is the week over? It happened so fast! Actually, the fun that I had leaves me aghast.
I’ll watch tv again and some video games too. But my week without them taught me what’s true. Life outside the box is a life lived well, next tv off week won’t be a hard sell.