Five Benefits.

Beautiful post from Annelise about the benefits of moving through life’s challenges.

If you live your life with any degree of risk at all. Or with the smallest degree of passion. Or just the slightest bit of vulnerability. If you put yourself out there just even a little bit. In other words, if you live life even just like most people do, chances are good that you will experience one or two or even three times when your life, as you know it, falls apart almost entirely. Colossal failure, giant heartbreak, or earth shattering loss will happen at some time or another. If this is happening in your life right now I am deeply sorry. I know what pure, raw, unadulterated pain feels like. When all of the soft, cushy, underbelly that is supposed to be buried and protected deep within you is just hanging out there, all over the place, outside of you, where everyone can see it. When it hurts…

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