Forgive Them: For They Know Not What They Do


Last week I ventured out to see the latest Woody Allen movie,  Magic In The Moonlight. I loved his last movie,  Midnight in Paris. I was excited to see what he’d do with the topic of a talented psychic and a skeptic. While I won’t give away the ending, I will give away the beginning.
A very talented psychic/ medium played by Emma Stone is so exceptionally accurate, that a hardened skeptic played by Colin Firth, is brought in by mutual friends to examine her abilities. As she produces uncanny insights, he constantly berates her with skepticism and insults. During this part of the movie, my youngest son repeatedly reached over to hug me and reassure me, saying, it’s alright mom.
Because my son knows I’m a psychic and he knows people doubt the abilities are real. Where is the most popular place to doubt? Why in the movies of course.
Woody Allen jabs at human frailty, narcissism, and during part of this film, psychic abilities. Ah, it’s so easy really, isn’t it…to take stabs at psychics or possible posers?
My movie adventure happened during a very wonderful stay in New York City. My husband was there working. I was finally able to meet up with clients I had known for nearly a decade of doing phone readings.
I also met with a production company interested in a psychic reality show. It was a very nice meeting.  But understand, many, many companies have approached me about psychic reality t.v. The angle often involves a story arc making fun of the psychic.

“We see it as some kind of whacky story about a psychic telling people about dead people and we want to video tape the conflict your family feels about you being psychic,” the producers often say.

It’s hard to count the many psychics I know who’ve been asked to be trained ponies for t.v. pilots only to have the show rejected. Do I sound bitter? Well, not really.
I have come to learn that being psychic makes you subject to discrimination. It’s a type that is rather ugly. Because if people don’t believe in your abilities, then by design, that makes you a liar and a fake in their eyes. If they do believe in your abilities, then they tend to put you on a pedestal, believing you can talk to their dead relatives, but they cannot.
Either way, they aren’t fully seeing the psychic or what the psychic actually does.
The beautiful thing these days is that more and more people are having their own psychic experiences.
They are getting support from each other because it’s a level playing field. I just don’t think t.v. and film have caught up to this yet.
But my time in NYC at the movies, with production companies, and with clients brought me to one single conclusion.

I need to forgive people’s prejudice and misunderstanding about psychic abilities.
Years ago I was a reporter who really didn’t believe in psychic abilities, even though I’d had a few of my own psychic experiences. I was not disrespectful toward psychics, I just steered clear of them.
This week I had an epiphany. The words of Jesus on the cross came to me, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do,” he said. Powerful words from a man persecuted to the end.
Psychics are persecuted. Especially female psychics. Let’s not forget the Salem witch trials.
But I get it. It can seem scary to think someone can see the unseen or foretell the future.
I can empathize.
This week, I realized I need to forgive society’s misperceptions and also those held so dearly by the media world. It doesn’t reflect the beautiful reality of psychic abilities. Those include having lovely clients and being of service to them in life-changing ways. It includes helping others to navigate choppy waters in life by affirming their own inner knowing. Having intuitive knowing helps guide us safely through life’s challenges. And it really does make the everyday situations more interesting. It turns out the dead are a pretty lively bunch.
I also remembered that there is a badass director out there who got it right.
I’m talking about Clint Eastwood. He directed Matt Damon in the movie Hereafter. It’s the story of a genuine medium who’s burning out on his work. It’s a beautiful story told very respectfully.


If Clint Eastwood can make my day by telling the truth about psychic mediums, anything is possible.
They say sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. I guess I had to go to Gotham to see the light.
God bless the doubters. I get it. All is forgiven.