Daily Oracles

Sometimes the signs are so simple they might get by us. I believe that unseen beings or energies support us. Some will call it coincidence, but they say that’s just God remaining anonymous.
I have a significant energetic connection to Paris. It moves me. Last week I returned from dropping our daughter at college some 1200 miles away from home. Oh, yes, there were tears . I stopped for coffee before returning to the house and a car pulled up behind me and parked.

Yes, it appeared that Paris had my back. It seemed there was a wave from the universe.
Then this week I was at a meeting involving a camera and a production company. The lovely person hosting the meeting offered coke and water. I accepted.

I giggled. I felt supported. I felt the support was for not just me, but for others there as well.
Last week there was a rental sign outside a cute office building. My youngest son yelled, “Look at it!”
I did. But before doing so, I had mixed feelings. I told my heavenly team to make it clear. I met the owner. He said, “You can go month to month, and just be in there for free for the entire month of September.”

Then they sent the rental agreement. I thought there’s still time to change my mind, but I signed and sent it back. Simultaneously, the electrical switches had been out for days in our kitchen. No matter how much I flipped the circuit breakers they wouldn’t work. Right after I signed the office rental agreement- I felt the urge to march outside to our house circuit breakers and flip the switches. It worked. Lights back on! And the coffee pot too, thank God!
That’s a license plate, a coke can, a landlord, and working outlets all giving me the thumbs up about which direction to go and to take comfort where I CAN.
That’s no damn coincidence!
That’s oracles in action.

Blessings, Lorraine