Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Survival


How about this? We throw everything and the kitchen sink at this Sunday moon? Or we relax, let go, and let God/ Goddess handle it.  I have about 37 tips I can offer to survive the cosmic energy penetrating our souls. But maybe it’s just about allowing ourselves the luxury of not know what’s next. Maybe we get to feel weird. 


How about the old fortune cookie joke? You will have good fortune…in bed. Feelings can be overwhelming! That’s exactly why right now I’m completing a research paper…in bed. Computer, books, and notes are piled high…in bed. 

 I did manage to crawl out to the living room where my family was and said I need a burger now! Then I drank water and soda…in bed. 

I personally believe this is a deep moon of transformation, where time locks are opening. That means events, people, and elusive goals will finally be available to you…in bed. Just kidding, they’ll be available to you all over the place. You’ve waited long enough!

Also gathering with our tribe is on the horizon. Not just online, but connecting in person. HOWEVER… this is not the time to force a solution. It’s a time to resolve to wait until the next move is obvious and we’ve rested…in bed!

Here are some links for more info and help with manifesting and self care. This is a great time for ceremony. But don’t overdo it. The links don’t work- unless you cut and paste into your browser. Because I too am wiped out by this Supermoon lunar eclipse beast. So I’m writing on my phone…in bed!

Pele Report

Mason Jar Manifesting

Self-Care Ideas

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. – 2004 – ‎Body, Mind & Spirit

Time locks conceal aspects of our paths untilanew calendrical energy allows them to be expressed  and creates a new paradigm.

Finally, if all else fails, I highly recommend Rescue Remedy and Orange Crush! It works.