Time Locks – What It Means When Things Come To A Complete STOP

20121014-204156.jpgMoving forward was not an option for a lot of us as summer moved into fall this year.  Hiding under the covers seemed like the best, bravest option this September. Then people asked, why are things so choppy?  Why do I want to just hide out?  How come my job, partner, bank account disappeared and nothing is here to replace it and them? WTH?

Well, I have a few theories. First of all there’s the astrology perspective.  Lilith is on the move, which means our dark aspects are up for a looksie- poo.  I like to watch/ read the Pele Report to keep up with that.  You can find the latest here.  But it seems that something else is afoot.  We can’t force a solution even if we try.  If we are willing to move toward spirit and surrender, then we can squeeze through the gaps. Maybe.  It’s like a super hero who can can shape shift.  When they move from solid to gaseous or flexible, they get through the narrow spaces.  But the energy out there can be thick.  It’s dense at times.

So, one method for moving forward is to stop, drop, and roll, release, then surrender to the next divine right step.  If that does not work, there is option two.  That is to accept that no matter what you do, it may not be time to move forward. This is what I’ve come to learn has been called the Mayan time lock.

Years ago when I was wondering if the world was going to end according to the Mayan Calendar, I stumbled onto a terrific book called The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness By Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. Calleman writes a treatise on the Mayan Calendar that is somewhat mind-bending because of the notion of the present creating the future and the universe protecting us from ourselves.  His hypothesis is that time locks, “Conceal aspects of our paths until a new calendrical energy allows them to be expressed and creates a new element in our life’s path. ” 

Or to simplify… if God’s driving the car and you ask from the back seat, “Are we there yet?” God says, “We get there when we get there!”  And then God, Universe,  or your Higher Power begins to manifest road work, traffic delays, and hail storms to slow down the trip and perhaps throw you off your path and make you switch from your GPS to your Waze App.COFFEEPOSTERAt this point you maybe cussing or incredibly depressed.  You again wonder WTH?  Or perhaps bump it up a notch and yell WTF?! Maybe you are sleeping more, guzzling coffee, seeing angry poeple in the grocery store, or  witnessing or prompting road rage.  Maybe we’ve all hit our own damn time locks!  Because, we cannot move forward until it’s time.  Why? Becasue it’s not safe to do so.  You have to go fully equipped.  If you want a bigger job, a bolder leadership role, a new partner, a book or piece of art to make it to a larger audience, you have to let the universe prepare you!


Think about it, according to this theory you cannot even SEE the next step or possibility, because it isn’t time on your calendar.  Have you ever had an experience where you have NO IDEA what’s next in life?  And then a month or a year later it all rolls out so clearly?  Because you are ready to see it!  It’s not your fault!  You’re not doing anything wrong.  You just don’t see the options.

Author Sanaya Roman calls this the void in her book Spiritual Growth. She says it can be a resting place.  It’s like the depths of the ocean, it appears there’s not much there, but it’s teaming with life.  A lot happens there, the quiet and the stillness prepare you.

So, what does one do when you are stuck in a time lock?  It’s time for conscious  quiet and meditation.  Deeply experiencing friendship, family, love and fun suddenly becomes an even better option.  A few years ago I asked a lovely and very talented and experienced psychic why I felt like I might be bigger in the public eye, but I wasn’t. She told me, it was because I could feel it coming in energetically, but it wasn’t here yet.  In the intervening years I’ve had tv pilot options, a possible book deal, and almost got lift-off with a retail launch for psychic housewives.  But, none of it happened.  I threw a bit of a fit. Well, actually quite a big one!  Then I decided to spend more of my time and focus with family, friends, motorcycles, writing, and exercising.  I hung out in the void.  I accepted the walls of the time lock.  And today, I feel more prepared for whatever happens next with my other ventures.

I can feel things moving forward, not just for me, but for many of my spiritually minded friends, artists, and leaders.  It still feels like there are two options, make your energy so light it can squeeze through the tight spaces and move forward. Or wait it out, until the time lock opens.  But either way, the only moment we really have is NOW anyway.  And as Calleman says, your now is creating your eventual  “ah-ha” moment, that time when you can SEE your next option.  So, even if you feel something more, something bigger, is on its way, you may be asked to be the best you can be right now inside the prison walls of the timelock.

At this point the GPS and WAZE apps may be thrown out the window.  Just ask God to pull over to a beautiful rest stop and wait this one out.  You’ll be back on the road in no time.