Memorial Day 30% Off


Is this how you 

remember me?

 A sale on a car?

 Or cheaper pants? 

Just marked down 

For a fallen star?

I went to war not knowing

Exactly why we fought 

I believed in God and Country though and question I did not

I fought so hard I lost a limb

And also lost my wife

My children wondered why I wasn’t home for leave

I prayed that they would grow up to believe 

That life has bigger purpose 

And this wasn’t done in vain

But oh dear Lord it’s been an awful strain.

That afternoon I won’t forget 

Held premonition of a threat

Foreign ground beneath my feet

And blown out walls around

I didn’t see it coming or hear it as I passed.

The only thing I remember now 

Is I heard an awful blast

My wife did not leave me, you see

I left her on the earth 

Because during that patrol,

It was I who lifted off.

I watch it all from heaven now hoping you remember more

the sacrifice than the latest add at 30% off.