The Bodines – The Laughing Psychics

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”
– Oscar Wilde

From the vaults of projects past I’ve unearthed a vivacious video.

It started like this.

Voice in my head: “Call psychic Echo Bodine.  Tell her you want to produce a video for her.”

Response in my mind: “I don’t know Echo Bodine.  I live five states away from her.  I don’t how I feel about psychics.   And who the hell is this talking to me?”

Voice persists. I call Echo Bodine.  She says yes.  We produce a  funny psychic video. In  Psychics in the Kitchen, we took the approach that this psychic stuff might be kinda sorta normal. Michael does some pretty funny bits just doing man- on -the- street interviews as a cigar-smoking psychic.  Echo does great work telling a ghost rider that there are Harleys in Heaven and that he definitely should go to the light.


One month after we wrap production,  I find a deceased person hovering above my desk.  I become suddenly psychic.  Oh, boy, I just laughed and laughed.  Not really, not right then, but later I got the humor of it.  Former reporter meets the dead, live and  in person.  Now reporting from the other side, Lorraine Roe.  We go live to Lorraine Roe who is with the dead.

See, in the media they make everything so scary about being psychic that  lots

thirdeyevan1IMG_0165of people become afraid to even let it happen.  But Echo and Michael still find humor in the psychic
world, and that helps make other people comfortable following their intuition.

If you are having psychic experiences and find it scary, don’t forget to ask your angels for help.  This empathic and clairvoyant stuff is supposed to be nurturing  and not negative!  Six tips to expand your psychic abilities.

  1. Meditate regularly.
  2. Ask angels (of highest consciousness) to guide and protect you on your psychic journey.


3. Ask spirit to make you laugh.

4. Find a like-minded mentor and a few good books on the topic.

5.Join a psychic development group or class so you don’t go it alone.

6.Watch Psychics in the Kitchen to see how funny psychic can be.

For more resources go here:

Psychic is actually pretty normal.  That’s the point.  And since we’re often so resistant to becoming psychic, it’s alway a good thing if the person telling you that you’re psychic is funny.  That way you won’t kill them.

Why did you cross the road? To get to the other side?  That’s my guess.

Blessings, Lorraine