The Magic Of Letting Go – What Just Happened?

Last month I posted a powerful prayer about intentional release.

This week I also came across an exercise involving focusing one’s intentions on an empty circle.
The documents were shared by a friend online including this text about it
which says, “A mark of true knowledge and power is the rejection of all that is not necessary.”

When we ground our intention in action- we get results. Even saying a prayer to yourself or out loud can set the ball in motion.
That is magic! Prayers to release are powerful indeed. Sometimes our ego may believe the release will be gentle. Not always. In addition, a release prayer may create chaos. Circumstances, people, jobs may appear to no longer be a fit- or they may push you out of the boat!
If you did ceremonial plate magic (yes, plates are circles) to receive or releaseor said a prayer you may be experiencing the results right now.
Spirit answers prayer and obeys requests for change and simplification. It answers the “what” of your prayer but usually has a surprise in store for the “how”.
If chaos is reigning supreme right now, it may be time to fall back into spirit’s arms. Remember – you made magic- you asked for change. You grounded your intentions in action. Magic can be sloppy. Big feelings, sorrow, grief, joy are all the bi-products of setting your intention for change.
You asked for WHAT you wanted and now you are getting it! Simplification!
The next step is to get down to basics- Higher Power’s will for you.
The simplest prayer I know is- “Thy will, not my will”. It may seem ironic, as if it conflicts with you doing your magic- the magic of letting go…not so.
Whatever you felt Inclined to release went away because it didn’t match your highest good. Now that it’s on the way out, you are better equipped to tune into your higher power’s high vibration frequency.
Also, if consequences from addictions are being presented, the addictions may need your attention. Whether it’s drugs, food, alcohol, sex, or care taking, it doesn’t matter .
The question is- do these habits help you to be of maximum service to a higher power?
Bringing new high vibration items or people into your realm shines the light where it’s still dark and you perhaps haven’t let God in all the way!!!
Do your ceremonies, say your prayers, make your magic! But when the results come, get ready to get uncomfortable! It’s ok! You’re letting go of what doesn’t fit you anymore. Then you are letting spirit lead you to what does. That’s the fun part.
So, wipe that surprised look off your face, you asked for this!