Here’s a magical way to clear your third chakra quickly.  The third chakra is said to be where one holds their self-confidence and personal power.

I’m a dual resident of Los Angeles and Mt. Shasta and the latter is a where I get a lot of my spiritual tools and information.  One of my favorite places in town is a store called Soul Connections.  The owners there have a large selection of crystals, statuary, books, and clothing.  That is where several years ago I found my beautiful  24″ crystal bowl and the leather covered sounding stick that goes with it.  They showed me how to run the stick around the outside of the bowl or how to gently tap the bowl to make the sound resonate throughout the room and through my body.  I’m telling you, it works.  I immediately feel different once I ring the yellow chakra bell, so to speak.  The glorious sound  calls out the stuckness and clears the way for a renewed feeling of confidence.  Since my most recent visit up there I’ve been going non-stop with writing and some other work I love to do.  Part of what I did up there was to  clear out old energies and do several ceremonies to revitalize my energy.

Scientific studies have shown that sound can produce chages in the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems.  Mitchell Ganynor, M.D. is the Director of Oncology at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center and wrote the book Sounds of Healing about the successful use of crystal bowls with cancer patients.

Crystal bowls are made from pure crushed quartz crystal that is heated to 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold.  The bowls are made in a variety of sizes from six to twenty-four inches.  Bowls are then tested to see which note they play, which doesn’t necessarily correspond to their size.  The notes emitted connect with energy centers of one of the seven chakras.

Chakras are said to be the 7 spinning energy centers of the body that are all interconnected and effect certain aspects of our being.  In this blog we’re working with the 3rd Chakra, the yellow solar plexus chakra.  This is said to encompass self-confidence, power, and vitality.


While at our house near Mt. Shasta I rang the bowl, which resonates to the 3rd Chakra and the musical note “E”.  I recorded it so that I could share it here with you.  So, if you would like to work on that part of yourself, just play the sound and let the singing bowl work it’s magic.  I’ve posted it along with pictures I took near Mt. Shasta on Youtube on the following link.

Crystal singing bowl for the solar plexus.

After you do it, just relax for a short while and drink some water.  Then please, report back, if you see a difference in you days.

And a big thank you to the owners at Soul Connections for their information on the healing aspects of crystal bowl.

Blessings, Lorraine

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Sometimes we have energy crises. We don’t know what’s going on, but we’re dragging. We need a feel-good pick-me-up in the middle of a day that seems to be heading down hill. If you are highly sensitive and perceptive, these energy roller coasters happen unexpectedly. You might be picking up on someone else’s “stuff” or something within you might be getting re-wired. Remember, there are often simple energetic solutions that you can employ in a pinch. Items carry energy and that can be helpful. Places exude their own mystic melodies of healing and that can be a life saver. Super heroes can save the day. Allow me to expand.
Roses. Energetically they offer protection and warmth. Plus, they’re soothing to look at. Get them into the house or run to a rose garden. Harvard researchers back me up on this with the idea that flowers can make you feel better.  Click on the following highlighted links to see more.
Flower study
If you’re agitated by life’s business and over exposure to electronics, head for the hills. Nature’s gentleness can calm the restless beast within that’s trapped in a building or urban setting. This must be true, because Oprah says so.
Nature rocks
Get into water! Sea salt bathes, a swim in an ocean, lake, pond or pool can clear the stress. Feeling buoyant reminds us that we really are lifted up and supported by parts of our environment.
Wear a stone or crystal that rocks your energy. It’s especially nice if it is in a symbolic shape or setting, which puts it into the amulet category. For me it varies about what type i wear. My favorite amulet at the moment is an obsidian arrowhead made by the husband of a psychic housewife in Los Angeles. I just feel badass when I wear it. People have been wearing amulets as a way to protect themselves, feel better, and honor divine for thousands of years. There must be something to it.
Wearable wonders
Lastly- Batman. Have someone you know dress up as Batman. It just has to make you feel better because…it’s Batman. Here’s someone who channels anger and resentment constructively. And the man is one cool super human.
Plus kids love to pretend they’re the caped crusader, because…it’s Batman.

You work hard daily, to work these energies and to let them guide you as well.  Don’t forget, we all can get tired.  My grandmother, God rest her soul, was the queen of home remedies.  Sometimes we need simple solutions for  every-day problems. Here’s to some uplifting rescue remedies.  Blessings, Lorraine